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LP 12" The Vinyl Collection 1981-1996 [12LP VINIL] Box Set - STATUS QUO

Gravadora: Universal Music 2017
Código de referência: 602557136005
Estado de conservação: (LACRADO)
33 RPM


Rock & Blues


Classic Rock

Hard Rock


Silver Tentacle Lda.
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Gravadora: Universal Music - 5713600
Formato: Vinil 12 ×, 12, 33 ⅓ RPM, Álbum, Compilação, Remasterizado, Estéreo
Box Set , Álbum, Estéreo
Código de barras: 602557136005
País: Reino Unido
Lançado: 10 de fevereiro de 2017
Género: Rock
Estilo: Hard Rock, Rock Clássico


LP1 - Never Too Late
A1 Never Too Late
A2 Something ‘Bout You Baby I Like
A3 Take Me Away
A4 Falling In Falling Out
A5 Carol

B1 Long Ago
B2 Mountain Lady
B3 Don’t Stop Me Now
B4 Enough Is Enough
B5 Riverside

LP2 - 1+9+8+2
A1 She Don’t Fool Me
A2 Young Pretender
A3 Get Out And Walk
A4 Jealousy
A5 I Love Rock And Roll

B1 Resurrection
B2 Dear John
B3 Doesn’t Matter
B4 I Want The World To Know
B5 I Should Have Known
B6 Big Man

LP3 - Back To Back
A1 A Mess Of Blues
A2 Ol’ Rag Blues
A3 Can’t Be Done
A4 Too Close To The Ground
A5 No Contract

B1 Win Or Lose
B2 Marguerita Time
B3 Your Kind Of Love
B4 Stay The Night
B5 Going Down Town Tonight

LP4 - In The Army Now
A1 Rollin’ Home
A2 Calling
A3 In Your Eyes
A4 Save Me
A5 In The Army Now

B1 Dreamin’
B2 End Of The Line
B3 Invitation
B4 Red Sky
B5 Speechless
B6 Overdose

LP5 - Aint Complaining
A1 Ain’t Complaining
A2 Everytime I Think Of You
A3 One For The Money
A4 Another Shipwreck
A5 Don’t Mind If I Do
A6 I Know You’re Leaving

B1 Cross That Bridge
B2 Cream Of The Crop
B3 The Loving Game
B4 Who Gets The Love?
B5 Burning Bridges
B6 Magic

LP6 - Perfect Remedy
A1 Little Dreamer
A2 Not At All
A3 Heart On Hold
A4 Perfect Remedy
A5 Address Book
A6 The Power Of Rock

B1 The Way I Am
B2 Tommy’s In Love
B3 Man Overboard – Jumps
B4 Going Down For The First Time
B5 Throw Her A Line
B6 1000 Years

LP7 - Rock Till You Drop
A1 Like A Zombie
A2 All We Really Wanna Do (Polly)
A3 Fakin’ The Blues
A4 One Man Band
A5 Rock ‘Til You Drop

B1 Can’t Give You More
B2 Warning Shot
B3 Let’s Work Together
B4 Bring It On Home
B5 No Problems


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